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Blenheim yoga instructor Charlotte Patterson

About Charlotte

Charlotte Patterson began practising yoga in 2005, moving into teaching seven years later. Since then her love and passion for yoga has continued to grow, and she feels a joy and privilege to be able to share the practice with her students.

Through the ups and downs of life yoga has always been there for Charlotte, and offered more than she initially realised. Although she had always enjoyed physical activity through competitive sports, for which yoga helped keep her mobile, she found it also brought greater awareness of her body and her thoughts. For her, yoga develops higher levels of compassion and empathy, the ability to change her energetic and emotional states, brings ease and fluidity to her physical body, and a greater sense of connection to others and the world in which we live.  

Charlotte’s style of teaching is generally the Vinyasa Flow style, a fluid and dynamic style of yoga cultivating strength and mobility. She is also interested in Yin and Restorative yoga, and is trained in both. 

In 2020, Charlotte trained in Kundalini yoga which works on the subtle energies of the body, helping raise energetic vibration. This has become a passion, and something she personally practices and has found to be truly transformative.

Today, yoga provides a sanctuary for Charlotte and continues to change her life for the better. She feels truly humbled and grateful to be able to share this amazing practice with her students and hopes it enhances their lives like it has hers.

Blenheim yoga instructor Charlotte Patterson relaxes at home with her dog
Blenheim yoga instructor Charlotte Patterson mid-pose for Radiant Body Yoga
Blenheim yoga instructor Charlotte Patterson helps a Radiant Body Yoga class member with a stretching exercise
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Yoga is mandatory for my wellbeing, both physically and mentally. The health benefits have been life changing.  Practising yoga has taught me how to look after my aging body, how to turn off, and be totally present in my practice.


My friend and I joined Charlotte’s vinyasa flow class last year and felt very excited (and honoured) to join her class.  I personally prefer flow style yoga, so Vinyasa flow is perfect for me.

Charlotte’s classes are well planned, inviting different postures/focus each week. She teaches us mindfulness as we practice our yoga postures. I feel supported and encouraged to challenge myself but also to use modifications which work best for my body. Let’s not forget relaxation; this is certainly a highlight and something very special to experience. You leave feeling enlightened, stronger, peaceful and truly relaxed. Charlotte has created a welcoming and comfortable environment for all level of yogis.


I am in awe of Charlotte’s yogic wisdom and knowledge. I feel blessed that my path crossed with this beautiful human being.  I would recommend anyone, of any age and any physical ability to take part in one of Charlotte’s classes.

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