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Blenheim yoga instructor Charlotte Patterson entertains a Radiant Body Yoga class

Classes and timetable


4pm - 5pm

Beginner Friendly


9am - 10am

Vinyasa Flow


5.15pm - 6.15pm

Vinyasa Flow


6.30pm - 7.15pm


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Vinyasa Flow

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Beginner Flow

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Blenheim yoga instructor Charlotte Patterson practices Radiant Body Yoga in the Marlborough Sounds

Vinyasa Flow

Wednesday 9am-10am & Thursday 5.15pm-6.15pm

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic style of yoga that combines a series of flowing postures with rhythmic breathing. 

Increasing your strength and flexibility while focusing on the breath through pranayama (breathing exercises), Vinyasa Flow is meditative by nature.


As the movements help calm and soothe the mind and nervous system, it can feel like a dance, with an amazing ability to positively change your emotional, mental and energetic states.


Graceful and empowering, it leaves you feeling energised and uplifted as well as mentally and emotionally balanced. 


Newcomers to yoga are advised to do our beginner classes before starting Vinyasa Flow.

Beginner Yoga class in Blenheim, New Zealand

Beginner Friendly Yoga

Monday 4pm-5pm

Similar to Vinyasa Flow, this class is designed for complete beginners to yoga.

It is also suitable for people who have done a little yoga and want to continue learning in a friendly and supportive environment.  

Held at a slower pace, with time taken to break down poses, this class is designed to make you feel safe and confident as you learn yoga.  

Restorative Yoga class in Blenheim, New Zealand

Restorative Yoga

Thursday 6.30pm-7.15pm

Restorative yoga is the ultimate antidote to our hectic modern lifestyles. 

This class uses yoga bolsters, blankets and blocks in reclined and seated poses held for long periods of time to totally support your body, encouraging gentle opening and deep, nourishing relaxation.  

Activating the ‘rest and restore’ part of our nervous system allows our body to come into balance and heal itself, as opposed to the ‘fight and flight’ we often operate from.


Restorative yoga teaches us to slow down and surrender into the present moment, cultivating a deep sense of calm and ease and a wonderful tonic for our immune and digestive systems. 

Blenheim yoga instructor Charlotte Patterson teaches Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

New class starting Tuesday 8am - 8.55am from 18 July 2023

Kundalini Yoga stimulates the immune, nervous, and glandular systems, helping to bring you back into true harmony.


It strengthens the body and the will, and releases blocked emotions and unhelpful thought patterns to unlock your potential and elevate your consciousness.


On a day-to-day basis it is a style that makes you feel vibrant, energised and uplifted.


This ancient yoga utilises kriyas, a series of exercises which dynamically combine physical poses, breathing techniques, mantra and meditation.


These activate, stabilise and elevate the subtle energy of our body and allow us to see that spark of grace that resides in all of us.

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